Will NCAA Revisit Freshmen Ineligibility

Barrett was fabulous as a freshman.

Is a ‘Year of Readiness’ Coming to College Athletics?

The Big Ten is reportedly mulling the idea of making freshman football and basketball players ineligible for competition in order to better prepare them for the adjustments that come with college life.

The Big Ten would not be able to institute such drastic changes alone, the conference will need the support and actions from the NCAA and its partners.

Freshmen student-athletes were ineligible to compete in all NCAA sports until 1972 and there is growing interest in debating the possibility of revisiting those days.

Iowa Hawkeyes head football coach Kirk Ferentz told ESPN.com that he is in favor of freshmen ineligibility.

“That would be one of the healthiest things we could do for college sports right now,” Ferentz said. “Recruiting’s kind of a runaway train, and what a lot of people don’t consider is there’s a lot of serious pressure that’s put on some players’ shoulders that I’m not sure is healthy for them big picture-wise. … It would allow the guy to transition a little bit with a lot less fanfare and get their feet on the ground and get a good foundation established.”

Larry Scott, the Pac-12 commissioner told CBSSports.com last week that he’s discussed the freshmen ineligibility idea with several other conference commissioners and that there will be “much more serious conversations about it in the coming months and year.”

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Players like Okafor would not be allowed to play as freshmen.

Players like Okafor would not be allowed to play as freshmen.

Should the NCAA make freshmen athletes ineligible?

What are the pros and cons to instituting a ‘Year of Readiness’?

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