All Weather Fan Podcast: Bridgewater, Tebow, Kaepernick with guest Otis Smith

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  • The Teddy Bridgewater serious knee injury and what it means for his career moving forward
    • What Las Vegas says Bridgewater is worth points-wise
    • Why the Minnesota Vikings may be OK, and how it might be a blessing in disguise for the team that this happened
    • The quarterback that’s attainable who’s a perfect fit for Norv Turner’s offense
  • Tim Tebow trying working out in front of 27 MLB teams
    • Why no MLB players should be upset about it
    • What the scouts said
  • Veterans for Kaepernick trend
    • How it was both powerful but also puts more pressure on the quarterback to put feet on his position
    • How, if you listen closely and objectively, Colin Kaepernick is talking out of both sides of his mouth when it comes to the country


  • What would Smith advise Kaepernick to do?
    • Does he disagree with how he went about this?
    • Why what is hurting Kaepernick’s brand more now than anything has nothing to do with his sitting during the National Anthem
  • The evolution in sports management
    • What players are doing now that they’ve never done in regards to representation and how that affects agents, players and leagues moving forward

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All Weather Fan Podcast: Bridgewater, Tebow, Kaepernick with guest Otis Smith

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