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The Sports Paige | Best championship celebrations

Alex Kolodziej



Alex Ovechkin’s post-Stanley Cup bender will be tough to top.

After the Washington Capitals took home the title over the Vegas Golden Knights last week, Ovi set a high bar for how a celebration should ensue after you win a championship.

Nonetheless, here are our top post-title celebrations over the years.

Nick Young – Golden State Warriors

“Swaggy P” earning a ring with the Golden State Warriors puts a cherry on top of the NBA season. In the words of the veteran guard, he went from “getting snitched on to putting a ring on.”

The most Swaggy-esque phrase of all time? Likely.

From his parade wardrobe to passing out in the plane with JaVale McGee, Young’s post-title antics will go down in NBA lore.

Tom Brady – New England Patriots

Even the typically-stoic TB12 couldn’t help himself after the 2015 victory over the Seattle Seahawks. Brady’s dance moves at the Patriots ring party weren’t aesthetically pleasing, which makes the future Hall-of-Famer an auto candidate for this list.

Corey Crawford – Chicago Blackhawks

“Crow” was already beloved for his play in the crease by ‘Hawks fans, but managed to up the ante after both the 2013 and ’15 Stanley Cup wins. A highly-likely-intoxicated Crawford took the podium at the parades and peppered the Windy City crowd with F bombs aplenty.

Rob Gronkowski – New England Patriots

Wait…Rob Gronkowski catching a beer with one hand, opening it with his teeth then chugging it? Then partying up with Rick Ross in the DJ booth? Who would’ve thunk it.

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