Vancouver Canucks Fielding Trade Calls For Their Goalies

There will be several goaltenders going to new teams via the trade market this offseason. Quality backup goalies that teams believe could be starters are in high demand and are surprisingly available.

Such is the case for the Vancouver Canucks, who have three NHL-caliber netminders. General manager Jim Benning has taken calls about moving one of them, but is yet to find an offer he is satisfied with.

“There are five teams who are aggressive to fill goal positions and a lot of teams poking around, but it seems hard to get full value for them and I don’t know why that is because it’s the most important position,” Benning told The Province. “There are three or four young goalies and UFAs, but it’s fickle. With the goalie market you never know what to expect, but we’re in a good position with the depth we have.”

The Canucks have goaltenders Ryan Miller, Eddie Lack and Jacob Markstrom under contract. The former is unlikely to be moved for salary cap reasons, but either of the latter two will likely play outside of Vancouver next season…for the right price.

“There’s good depth in the second round and I’d like to have a second-round pick but it’s a balancing act for us,” Benning said. “It might not be a pick but a way of making our team better — we’re looking at all options. But I think I’ll be able to figure something out on that (draft pick) because when one goalie goes, they’re going to move on to the next guy. We’re waiting for the domino effect.”

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