Updating the Aaron Hernandez Trial

NFL Today

The NFL probably doesn’t want fans to make the association between the league and the ongoing murder trial of Aaron Hernandez, but he is a former New England Patriots player and the spotlight is already there.

The trial was delayed for a short time today due to a bomb threat that was called into the courthouse. The proceedings continued after the building was evacuated. Investigators cleared the area and found no weapons, explosives or evidence of any wrongdoing.

Hernandez is being charged with the murder of Olin Lloyd who was found shot to death in an industrial park less than a mile from where Hernandez lived with his fiancee. According to reports, his fiancee, Shayanna Jenkins will take the stand on Friday. Jenkins was granted immunity by presiding Superior Court Judge Susan Garsh in February, which means she can be compelled to testify or else face time behind bars. Jenkins’s sister was dating the deceased.

Jenkins has not attended the court proceedings since March 6, but would often sit behind Hernandez, the father of her two-year old child, while whispering “I love you” and occasionally passing notes to him through his attorneys.

In other trial news, the court released Garsh’s decision to allow telephone calls that Hernandez made from the jailhouse in which he discusses giving money to a cousin to be introduced into evidence by prosecutors.

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