UFC Broomfield – Don’t Miss the Prelims!

UFC Broomfield Henderson vs Thatch Poster

Valentine’s Day Dinner?
Valentine’s Day Massacre?

Without question, most of us MMA fans are focusing our excitement on UFC Broomfield’s main event between Benson Henderson and Brandon Thatch. And though beneath it, on the Main Card, there are some other quality matches – it seems there’s more to love about the Preliminary Card than usual.

I can’t get enough of how the UFC completely disregards modern marketing concepts, and fails for their arrogance. Whether it’s putting events on alongside NFL playoffs, competing over SuperBowl weekend, or just a blatant disregard for what fans want, a Saturday Night Valentine’s Day show doesn’t surprise me.

Of course, along with most other American humans, MMA fans are likely more passionate about their relationships than their mixed martial arts spectating. So, while the majority of coupled-off people head out for romantic dinners, and return home for romantic affairs, poor pundits like me will begrudgingly watch an okay 10:00PM (EST) line-up, while our girlfriends/boyfriends consider how they’ll go about dumping us.

But, hey! The single guys will surely be thinking about fistfights and not securing a date, right?


Anyway, for you normal folks that have better things to do this night, there’s still every reason to tune into the 8:00PM (EST) preliminary show before heading out on the town! Click Next – I promise it won’t try to load a new page, it’ll just move these words to the side and hit you with each of the four fights.

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