UFC 185 – The Aftermath with Dane Curley

Joanna - UFC 185 - Strawweight Champion - Jeff Chiu - AP
Photo: A New UFC Women's Strawweight Champion is Crowned at UFC 185 (by Jeff Chiu, AP)

Saturday, March 14th, 2015, UFC 185 stunned its Dallas audience with a series of one-sided upsets.

Reviewing the results of the event, viewers will be surprised to learn that no Fight of the Night was awarded. There’s good reason for that. Of only four fights reaching a decision, each one was so cut and dry that all three of its judges voted ALL-to-NONE.

Henry Cejudo swept Chris Cariaso.
Alistair Overeem swept Roy Nelson.
Johny Hendricks swept Matt Brown.
And most surprisingly,
Rafael dos Anjos swept Anthony Pettis across five rounds.

Every other fight was stopped, one way or another, including the TKO victory of Joanna Jedrzejczyk over (now former) UFC Strawweight Champion Carla Esparza.

So where do we stand in the aftermath, and what did you miss if you didn’t order the Pay-per-view?

Alistair Overeem got boo’d for kicking ass.

With such a wishy-washy consistency inside the UFC’s octagon, it’s no surprise that The Reem is outside of fair weather graces. Even I still have a disgust for him after he trucked through Brock Lesnar – disadvantaged by diverticulitus – with the advantage of an insane amount of testosterone flowing through his muscles during the period of commission legality for Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

But, you can’t take his sweeping victory over Big Country Roy Nelson away from him. Nelson is a one dimensional fighter, a one trick pony. Overeem wasn’t exactly the first to expose that, but he certainly capitalized on it. The Texas crowd was quick to boo the technically sexy, steady performance. If you heard it was a boring display, however, disregard it. Overeem sent crushing body blows at Nelson all night long, who marched on to the beat of his inner drum.

The win secures Alistair’s stay in the UFC, improving his promotional record to 4-3, and down-grading Nelson to that fuzzy territory where fan favoritism is his only hope of staying relevant – losing four of his last five.

Joanna Wins Big
(Because Spelling Her Last Name is Too Tedious a Task)

The world’s first Polish MMA champion, Joanna Jedrzejczyk (ugh) annihilated Carla Esparza. I can’t say I’m shocked. Are you? Esparza was crowned “world champ” on a reality show, where fighters on the show earn their places only in part by their fighting skills, and with great consideration to their on air personalities. Many women didn’t make the cut, because say… maybe… English isn’t their first language? And so the undefeated Joanna showed up and made very short work of the paper champ.

So You’ve Heard About Pettis vs. dos Anjos

Johny Hendricks’s win over Matt Brown was boring in its predictability, but this? Not so.

Over on Today’s Knockout we’ve got two features exploring different sides of the unpredictable upset.

Writer Jordy McElroy goes in depth explaining the magnitude of Rafael dos Anjos’s accomplishment, as it’s revealed that he competed with a TORN MCL. Major kudos to the new UFC Lightweight Champion, in Jordy’s article here.

After publishing praise for dos Anjos, we published disappointment for Anthony Pettis, and I went so far as to ask if we can still refer to him as “Showtime” following the inexplicable defeat. He and his training camp did absolutely everything wrong, from their strategy to the implementation of his own skills. I’ve got that side of the story for your reading pleasure, here: “What the Hell Happened?

Enjoy your work week as much as possible! See you on Today’s Knockout.


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