UFC 184 – The Aftermath with Dane Curley

ROnda ROusey elated to win in 14 seconds at UFC 184 (Associated Press)
Photo: Ronda Rousey elated to win in only 14 seconds at UFC 184 (Associated Press)

UFC 184 did not end up in the good graces of most fans, casual or otherwise. On Today’s Knockout, I discussed why it was largely interpreted as a stinker, but here on our FanRag Sports Aftermath, I’m more interested in getting you caught up to what its results mean moving forward.

Rousey/Cyborg – Probably Not

Yes, Cris Cyborg defended her Invicta FC Women’s Featherweight (145lbs) Championship definitively on Friday, at Invicta 11.

Yes, Ronda Rousey defended her  UFC Women’s Bantamweight (135lbs) Championship definitively on Saturday, at UFC 184.

Yes, it’s true, the two of them could realistically make a 140lbs catchweight…

No, they probably won’t be fighting each other.

This is a lot like the GSP/Silva situation. Georges St-Pierre at 170lbs, gives up way too much weight to Anderson Silva at 185lbs. Size is a logical factor in winnability, when two men or women are of near-equal talent (or each bring a quality of their own they are better at) in the mixed martial arts.

After Rousey swiftly tapped out Cat Zingano, fans expected to hear from the brash, rowdy champion on the microphone with Joe Rogan. She didn’t show up. Instead of a dialogue that heard her dismissing Cyborg as worthy competition, by saying “let’s make it happen”, the name didn’t come up. In fact, she called out some other women, far lower in the food chain.

Smart girl.

I don’t think it’s a matter of can she beat Cyborg – she can. But it’s a different ball game to completely leave your comfort zone and move up to a disadvantage against the strongest, hardest hitting woman below 150lbs, on Earth. Though Rousey’s star power far exceeds her “rival’s”, they are of equal prowess in their respective weightclasses. Not everyone understands that.

Cristiane Cyborg Justino is in Invicta FC. And if it ain’t the UFC, most people won’t respect it. What the casual observer doesn’t recognize, is that the UFC owns Invicta, and the UFC does not have a 145lb weightclass for women. Therefore, all of the top level 145lb female talent reside at Invicta. They are the best of the best, and Cyborg is their champion.

So, there’s no blame that the two won’t fight each other. It’s not a matter of ducking one another. Different champions of different weightclasses. TJ Dillashaw isn’t pressured to fight Jose Aldo. Or, at least, he shouldn’t be. The future probably holds for another quick armbar win for Rousey and another quick TKO for Cyborg, each versus their own weak competition. Sorry to disappoint.

Don’t shoot the messenger.

Tony Ferguson goes 5-in-a-Row

You probably don’t know the name Tony Ferguson, but I’m betting you’ll have cause to learn it, soon. After his fifth straight victory, he’s no doubt up for Top-15 consideration. He’s heavy handed, but not reliant on the KO. Mostly, he likes to wallop his opponents and then choke them out while their dizzy. It’s an especially smart strategy.

I think there are a few good matches for him at 155lbs, but just one comes foremost to mind.

I want to see T-Ferg fight Nate Diaz. Nate is at the absolute bottom of the Top-15 Food Chain, but his name still carries a lot of draw. Ferguson is not well-known, but he does bring excitement. A match between the two would be worthy of a UFC Fight Night main event, that could change Tony’s career, or reenforce Nate’s.

Other Takeaways & Highlights

I do encourage you to join us on Today’s Knockout for our complete UFC 184 and Invicta FC 11 coverage. Our “Was it a Stinker?” article covers some of the unfortunate takeaways – like Josh Koscheck vs. Jake Ellenberger and how despite earning Ellenberger’s $50,000 bonus check, neither guy really fought their way out of retirement. For the main course head over to our site. To discuss the aftermath, comment below! Do you think I’m wrong? Will Rowdy Ronda Rousey and Cris Cyborg Justino eventually meet face-to-face in the octagon?

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