Top Reasons to Watch UFC on FOX 14 – Gustafsson vs. Johnson

Alexander Gustafsson and Anthony Rumble Johnson (Sherdog.com)

I called it the best free UFC line-up in ages, and the nearer we get to this Saturday’s UFC on FOX 14 fight night, the more my excitement levels confirm it.

Even though the originally scheduled bout between the welterweight freight train Matt Brown and Tarec Saffiedine was scrubbed, the addition of light-heavyweights Phil “Mr. Wonderful” Davis vs. Ryan “Darth” Bader makes up for its loss. Here are some more of the reasons why UFC on FOX 14 on January 24th is worth watching.

Free PrimeTime Fights

There’s no waiting until 10:00pm EST to dish out $60 in cash. When the fights are on FOX’s basic cable channel, you can expect them to begin at 8:00pm EST and end promptly at 11:00pm. This is great for anyone on the east coast who may not be die-hard into MMA. With fights on FOX, you don’t have to sacrifice your entire Saturday night to the sport.

Wherever you live, you can make it part of your weekend social experience with room to do more before or after. If you’re on the left coast, throw it on while you’re getting ready for the night out. It’s convenient, it’s free, and it will be awesome.

World Title Implications

The headlining match between Alexander Gustafsson and Anthony “Rumble” Johnson is one of considerable weight. There is absolutely no question that its winner, no matter who, will be the #1-contender against UFC Light-Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones.

Alexander is currently ranked first on the Today’s Knockout UFC Light-Heavyweight Rankings, and just about everywhere else. He’s already fought the champion, and a whole lot of fans thought he won. Regardless of whether or not that’s true, he unquestionably gave Jones the challenge of his career.

Anthony “Rumble” Johnson is holding it down in third. Most people just call this guy Rumble. That’s what he does. He’s an absolute titan at 205lbs. I can picture him knocking anyone out, including heavyweights.

Whoever wins will make for another great challenge in the story of Jon Jones’s career. If you’re looking to examine this fight at greater length, please head over to Today’s Knockout for my detailed betting odds breakdown.

Old Favorites

Dan Henderson and Gegard Mousasi may not be next in line anymore, but there was a time when they were all the way up in front. Both men are former Strikeforce champions who represent an older breed of fighter. This is true despite the fact that Mousasi is only 29-years-old.

Somehow, both “the Dreamcatcher” and “Hendo” seem of the same fighting generation. Though the 44-year-old veteran began kicking tail as far back as 1997, fighting in the seemingly ridiculous same-day tournament structure of the previous era, Mousasi is not far behind. The proof is in the pudding: they’ve been in exactly the same amount of fights. Gegard has been knocking and choking men out since he was seventeen. He started in 2003 and owns a lifetime record of 35-5 and two draws. To compare, Hendo’s record is 30-12.

In MMA, if you’ve been fighting for more than 10 years, you’re old school. That’s almost half the age of the sport, after all. Of course, if I were to interject my opinion on who fought the more challenging cast-members, it would be Hendo… and it shows on his record. Today, however, historic fights won’t aid him.

And More

UFC on FOX 14 in Stockholm, Sweden also features Akira Corassani vs. Sam Sicilia. It’s not a match I think belongs on such a stacked card, but the hometown favorite, Corassani, may yet surprise us. He’s been known to go for broke and that’s cost him some losses. Nonetheless, it’s entertaining.

Then, there is the aforementioned Phil Davis vs. Ryan Bader bout. These guys are so evenly matched; it’s going to be fun to see what kind of strategies they use to find advantages over each other. I’ll be honest with you about this one. There’s always the chance for excitement in an MMA fight, but this match will probably be the most technically fought of the evening. Sometimes, for casual fans, that isn’t interesting. So, there’s forewarning.

All things considered, this is not an event I would skip. It shouldn’t matter if you only watch the UFC once in a blue moon, or if you’re an avid follower. This night is going to rock.

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