Top Reasons to Watch UFC BROOMFIELD – Benson Henderson vs. Brandon Thatch

Bendo vs. Cowboy - Benson Henderson takes on Brandon Thatch at UFC Broomfield (Gregory Payan, AP)
Bendo vs. Cowboy at UFC Boston (Gregory Payan, AP)

Tomorrow night, February 14th, 2015, is UFC Broomfield! If a free broadcast on FOX Sports 1 isn’t enough incentive for you, here are three other excellent reasons to watch the MMA event tomorrow night.

Benson Henderson is the Former UFC Lightweight Champion
…And He’s Hungry

Bendo is among the elite at 155lbs, but some fans are fickle. When he was KO’d for the first time ever by Rafael dos Anjos, Henderson’s stock plummeted. His comeback fight was supposed to bring him back to the top, but the crazy judges awarded the victory to the wrong man. In reality, despite another loss on his record, Bendo is responsible for ending the incredible 6-fight winning streak of Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone.

If you’re good enough to hang with the Cowboy as he surges toward legendary status, win or lose you’ve got reason for pride. Bendo fought tactically and carefully at UFC Boston against Cerrone, and the judges didn’t favor his methodology. Considering that loss inhibited him from returning to the top of his division, one can expect a change in disposition: an increase in hunger.

Benson can’t fight cautiously anymore. Three of his four UFC Lightweight Championship victories were too close for comfort, and the judges gave him the benefit of the doubt. Today, that gravy train has stopped. And now, he’s taking risks.

It’s evidenced by where and how this fight is taking place. Bendo is making a temporary move up to the welterweight (170lb) division, and is a short-notice replacement for an injured fighter. Carrying his natural weight, the former champ is absolutely capable of winning by stoppage.

He’s still got all the makings of a champion, but oft’ fought too reserved. I expect, this time, we’ll see him go for the kill.

Brandon Thatch has 11 First-round Finishes

The other end of the spectrum sees Bendo as a chin-soft wash-up. I’m not sure one KO loss qualifies, but they’re those fickle fans I mentioned. The truth is, the state of his chin-quality is irrelevant. Brandon Thatch is the definition of knockout artist.

At 11-1, Thatch has finished every victory in the first round. Six of those are sub-minute KOs! He’s won with knees, head-kicks, and punches, and that’s not mentioning his three rear-naked chokes.

He’s from Denver, Colorado, has fought in Broomfield before (just not with the UFC), and the roar of the crowd may be just what he needs to open up a can on Henderson.

You Don’t Have a Valentine

Hey! There’s no shame in being single on Valentine’s Day. It’s a holiday they made up for Hallmark stores and candy manufacturers to make money, right? Right! So wipe that glum look off your face and turn on FOX Sports 1.

If you’re a woman, this next suggestion might help with the V-Day blues. Simply envision that lousy ex-boyfriend or ex-husband of yours is whoever’s losing. Poof! Instant satisfaction. Heck, you could even crack open that pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream you’ve been saving for a rainy day. Only – it’s raining the blood spilled of your vengeance.

If you’re a man, pick up some diet sodas (not beers, remember, you’re getting fit to attract a Valentine for next year) and unleash all that pent up testosterone and frustration you’ve been hanging onto this week. You’re better than these other guys! You’re the guy that’s winning! Raaaghgh.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Ya’ll.

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