Top Reasons to Watch UFC 185 – Pettis vs Dos Anjos

UFC 185 Promo Poster featuring Showtime Pettis and Dos Anjos

This Saturday, March 14th, UFC 185 is live from Dallas, TX. The event features two championship matches, but that’s not on my Top Reasons to Watch list. If the mere existence of weekend fights isn’t enough incentive for you to order the pricey Pay-per-view, here are a few excuses to get yourself to the nearest pub or restaurant playing the fights.


Anthony “Showtime” Pettis is a man who takes his nickname seriously enough to tattoo it on his back. It’s not a self-proclaimed title, so far as I know, but if it is, he makes it true anyhow. This is a name that could not befit anyone else as appropriately. Showtime Pettis is the main event both literally and figuratively.

He’s a human highlight reel. He’s not the best interviewer by a long shot. He doesn’t have the flashiest persona. He doesn’t talk the best game. He doesn’t dress the sharpest. But when those cage doors close, he’s the ultimate ultimate.

Pettis can strike at any angle, and land, too. He can go for risky moves and make them count. When he jumps on a submission, it’s do are die – and he usually does. He throws kicks that look more like breakdancing, but they work and they hurt. He’s excitement in a bottle, and you can actually buy it, by paying to see him fight. No snake oil.


If you’re looking for the in depth review, you’d better head over to Today’s Knockout for my Betting Odds Breakdown of Roy Nelson vs. Alistair Overeem. Otherwise, I’m here on FanRag Sports to speak hype. I’m trying to Be Seen and Be Heard, ya’ know?

These are two big plodding idiots. Yeap, I said it. You’re not gonna talk about the big IQ’s of these guys, although they’ve put enough thousands of hours into training that they have mastered some difficult fighting arts. Not that it matters; they never use them!

The last time we’ve seen Big Country Roy Nelson use his famed Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt was in the TUF house against Kimbo Slice. One, that was ages ago. Two, he’s a bum. Ever since, Nelson has preferred to stand and bang – or really – stand and whiff shots until one potentially well-timed, mostly lucky wide looping punch rains down and around and into his opponents soon-to-be unconscious cranium.

Alistair Overeem is a kickboxer extraordinaire. He’s been a champion in multiple leagues, and he accomplished that with big, technical striking skills. That was until his ego ballooned up with his testosterone count in the TRT era (when Testosterone Replacement Therapy was legal in the UFC), and then he started thinking he could eat shots without taking an immediate post-meal nap.

In any case, if you haven’t connected the dots (and I’ll take the blame for my vague line-drawing), these two guys are gonna stand up and knock each other around. They’re heavyweights, and they’re near even on the odds enough that one of them is going down for the… well I guess “down for the count” only works in boxing. But one of them is going down!


There’s also a very intriguing match up between Johny Hendricks and Matt Brown – two guys caught in the mix of the UFC Welterweight Championship situation. If Brown wins, we’ve got ourselves an interesting “hate triangle” created between the two of them and champ Robbie Lawler.

We’ve got the Women’s Strawweight Championship going down, as the co-main event beneath Pettis-Dos Anjos to boot. It’s a fully stocked night of fights, and the entertainment value is certifiably high. ENJOY! I’ll see you on Today’s Knockout.

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