Top 10 Pacific Division Pending UFAs

The playoffs are in full action, but several teams are already looking toward the summer. General managers are scouting the market to see what available players could be good additions to their clubs.

Some players might sign new deals with their current clubs, but as it stands right now, here are the top 10 pending UFAs in the Pacific Division.

Justin Williams (Los Angeles Kings)

NHL: MAR 12 Kings at Canucks

Williams has been one of the Kings’ most consistent performers during the last four seasons. He’s shown what a clutch player he is in the playoffs. This will be a deciding factor for the teams looking at bringing a leader like Williams in.

He is getting up there in age (33), but he would be a great addition on many top lines in the league, and he would be a great role model for younger players. Williams is the result of training hard and never giving up, a lesson many young players should take to heart.

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