Tom Brady still edges Aaron Rodgers for best QB right now

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (12) passes under pressure from New Orleans Saints defensive end Alex Okafor (57) in the first half of an NFL football game in New Orleans, Sunday, Sept. 17, 2017. (AP Photo/Bill Feig)
(AP Photo/Bill Feig)

Tom Brady’s greatest of all time talk has been treated as some timeless argument that rarely receives present-day recognition. At first, it was Peyton Manning usurping all of the “best right now” talk with his succession of brilliant regular season performances in Indianapolis and Denver. Now, that conversation has moved on to Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

There’s no arguing around Rodgers’ greatness. Watching him snatch victory away from the Dallas Cowboys in the waning seconds of the fourth quarter on Sunday was Brady-esque. It was that performance that continued to spark the debate that Rodgers was a better quarterback than Brady is right now.

Yet, Brady has thrown for more yards total and on average than any other signal caller in the league. Even at age 40, the New England Patriots five-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback is still on top of his game.

Were the same people vying for Rodgers saying the same thing after Brady led the Patriots back from the dead to overcome a 25-point deficit and defeat the Atlanta Falcons at Super Bowl LI? What about when Brady commanded a game-winning drive over J.J. Watt and Jadeveon Clowney’s Houston Texans?

There is no doubt Rodgers’ regular-season win over the Cowboys created prisoner of the moment responses. Being the best isn’t about what a player does during the season. It’s about the playoffs and the Super Bowl, and there hasn’t been anyone better at performing on that stage—past or present—than Brady.

Even Rodgers admitted Brady was the greatest of all time.

“Sitting there 28-3, I think everybody watching and probably sitting at the game was thinking Atlanta’s going to get [their] ring sized up here pretty soon,” Rodgers told sports reporter Graham Bensinger. “From a fan’s perspective, what a great game to watch and to see Tom and his greatness on display one more time. He didn’t need to win that to prove that he’s the GOAT, but it’s just another part of his legacy there.”

It’s a legacy for Brady that continues to this day.

Even at 3-2, the Patriots are still favorites to win the AFC East and advance to the playoffs. Then Brady will have a chance to advance to his eighth Super Bowl and win his sixth. Let that thought sink in for a moment.

Rodgers can claim the top spot once Brady chooses to retire or falls off the cliff in production. Neither appears to be happening anytime soon.

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1 Comment

  1. Chris

    Oct 14, 2017 at 8:11 pm

    A couple flaws in your reasoning. The 28-3 Super Bowl comeback for Tom Brady doesn’t happen without some key plays from the defense. They had a strip sack of Matt Ryan that got the momentum going for them then they had another sack very late in the game that knocked Atlanta out of FG range. That was an atrocious play by Matt Ryan and he should forever be criticized as a choker for that. You can’t take that sack when a FG ices the game. Its silly to just pretend like it was all Brady. If the Falcons kick a FG the game is over.

    Look at Tom Brady’s win against Seattle in the Super Bowl. First of all its common knowledge that Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, and Kam Chancellor were playing with major injuries in the Super Bowl. Secondly, the Patriots made a huge play on the goal line to pick off Russell Wilson which ended the game. If Seattle had simply ran Marshawn Lynch on the goal line they likely win that game. That is the problem with crediting Super Bowl victories to the QB. It takes a complete team effort to win a Super Bowl. Aaron Rodgers has rarely gotten a complete team effort in the playoffs.

    On that same argument. Aaron Rodgers is dissed because he has only won Super Bowl and is 9-7 in the playoffs. Well guess what. In his 7 playoff losses, his defense has given up 36 PPG. In four of his losses in the playoffs his defense gave up 45, 45, 37, and 44 points. Tom Brady lost his only playoff game in which his defense gave up at least 37+ points. In the other three losses for Aaron Rodgers he watched on the sideline as his defense gave up the game winning drive after leading a drive to tie the game without ever possessing the ball again. Aaron Rodgers individually has actually played better than Tom Brady in the playoffs. He just hasn’t had the complete team around him nor a defense that can make plays when the game is on the line.

    I also disagree with your notion that Rodgers’ drive last week against Dallas was Brady-esque. You want to try to compare Brady’s drive against Houston against Rodgers drive against Dallas. Aaron Rodgers had have as much time. Both Rodgers and Brady had one timeout but Brady had over 2 minutes so he in essence had an extra timeout. 2+ minute drives happen all the time in the NFL. What Rodgers did was special though. He had 72 seconds and one timeout.

    I fail to see your point in mentioning Clowney and Watt in an attempt to try to discredit what Rodgers did. The Texans are ranked 28th in PPG allowed and the Cowboys are ranked 29th in PPG allowed. The Texans have not proven to be a very good defense this year. So you really don’t have much of a point there. The Cowboys have the league’s sack leader so far this year, that doesn’t make them a good defense, nor does the presence of Watt and Clowney for the Texans.

    People aren’t just talking about that one drive against Dallas though. He did the same thing to Cincinnatti a few weeks before. Cincinnatti is Top 5 in YPG allowed and #2 in PPG allowed. They are a legit defense and Rodgers torched them on back to back drives to win the game. He also did the same thing to Dallas in the playoffs last year when Dallas only left him 36 seconds on the clock. In the playoff game against Arizona in 2016, Aaron Rodgers faced a 4th and 20 inside his own 10 yard line with less than one minute left in the game training by 7 points. He scored the game tying TD. There are countless other games in which Aaron Rodgers has made magical plays late in games. That is why he is getting so much talk about being the greatest ever. He’s doing things on the football field that other QBs just can’t do. Tom Brady included. That throw on 4th and 20 against Arizona was just sick. He hit a Hail Mary on that same drive that was one of the greatest throws ever made in the NFL. The degree of difficulty on that throw was just ridiculous.

    What is so magical about Rodgers is some of the big plays he’s made with games on the line that are outside of typical NFL offensive systems. Its the eye test. Sure, Tom Brady can lead a 2-3 minute scoring drive but we’ve seen many other QBs do that plenty of times as well. Brady’s the king of the 2 minute drive. Aaron Rodgers is the king of the 1 minute drive. Its easy to say about Rodgers drive against Dallas, “Well Tom Brady does that all the time”. Does he really though? Aaron Rodgers literally had half as much time as Brady did against the Texans when he put his drive together.

    Lastly, I think you are reading too much into Aaron Rodgers’ comments about Tom Brady. There is a QB fraternity and they are always going to say glowing things about each other. What’s Aaron Rodgers supposed to say, “Yeah Brady did that but I could have done the same thing, only better”? Of course not. Tom Brady along with Bill Bellichick have said some glowing things about Rodgers. Tom Brady said that Aaron Rodgers does things on the field that no other QB can do. He said on 01/16/2017 after Aaron Rodgers clutch drive to beat Dallas in the playoffs, “I always love watching his tape, admiring the things he can do, because I can’t do many of those things. … Whenever he’s on, I usually stay up and watch.”

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