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Packers-Seahawks and Colts-Patriots set to battle

NFL Today on Championship Sunday

The day has finally arrived that football fans, armchair quarterbacks, and NFL analysts began talking about way back in the summer when addressing a very simple, yet profound question loaded with variables–What teams are going to play for the Super Bowl.

How will the NFC Championship Game be won? Can Green Bay protect Aaron Rodgers and limit Beast Mode?

Are the young Colts ready for the big stage? Will Brady and Gronk make quick work of the Indianapolis defense and celebrate on Championship Sunday?

FanRag Sports and Today’s Pigskin have been answering and asking these questions all week and season long. But now it’s game day. Now is the time where champions step up and playmakers elevate their game. Today the discussion will focus on intensity and preparation. Today is a great day to be a football fan while celebrating the top four teams in the league this season–and make no doubt–the Colts, Packers, Patriots, and Seahawks are the top four teams.

Seattle and New England enter Championship Sunday right around touchdown favorites. We know what Vegas thinks and that hordes of ESPN personalities and other mainstream media types love to play the favorites.

What says the @TodaysPigskin staff?

Be Seen, Be Heard, Be a Fan!

NFC Championship

Shake hands and come out hitting.

Shake hands and come out hitting.

Billy Nayden discussed the roles of Mike McCarthy and Pete Carroll and whether one offers a distinct advantage.

@bnayden Prediction: Seahawks 24 Packers 21


Scott Poppen is a renowned Bears fan so readers may know where this one is heading, but he supports his beliefs with an examination of the X-Factors when the Packers and Seahawks meet.

@ScottPoppen Prediction: Seahawks 24 Packers 21


Jon Schlosser anchored the NFC Championship coverage and believes Aaron Rodgers will keep it close but gives the edge to Russell Wilson in this QB Duel because Seattle’s defense is just too much to overcome.

Schlosser’s Prediction: Seahawks 24 Packers 20

NFL: FEB 02 Super Bowl XLVIII - Broncos v Seahawks

Stephen Sheehan focused his Championship coverage on the Patriots-Colts, but is sticking with his preseason prediction of a Seattle-New England Super Bowl.

@StephenPSheehan Prediction: Seahawks 27 Packers 21


Mark Wemken broke down whether the Packers WRs can challenge and consistently produce against the Legion of Boom.

@MarkWemkenLWOS Prediction: Packers 24 Seahawks 16


Justin Ruoff hates to pick against his editor’s favorite team but believes Earl Thomas will be a difference maker late.

@RuoffonSports Prediction: Seahawks 24 Packers 20


Jordan Churchill believes Marshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson will be keys on third downs and sees Seattle holding on to capture the NFC.

@JLloydChurchill Prediction: Seahawks 29 Packers 27

Bring the Lombardi Trophy back to Titletown!

Bring the Lombardi Trophy back to Titletown!

Your #QuickSlants columnist never holds back on his Packers fandom and believes the good guys will find a way to play for the right to bring the Lombardi Trophy back to Green Bay.

@Pat_Whitehurst Prediction: Packers 28 Seahawks 27


AFC Championship


Stephen Sheehan trusts in the schemes that Bill Belichick and crew will devise to slow down Andrew Luck and Indy while having no doubt that Gronk is ready for this moment.

@StephenPSheehan Prediction: Patriots 31 Colts 24


John Terra isn’t too big into predictions, but this born and bred Patriots fan has the Foxboro crowd going home happy as long as New England does their job.

Terra’s Prediction: Go Pats!!

Football is a team game and that's what separates the Patriots.

Football is a team game and that’s what separates the Patriots.

Jon Schlosser thinks the Patriots are a better all-around team and that Indianapolis is a year away from being Super Bowl contenders.

Schlosser’s Prediction: Patriots 31 Colts 17


Justin Ruoff examined the head coaching matchup and thinks this is game where The Hoodie extends his legacy as the winningest postseason coach in NFL history.

@RuoffonSports Prediction: Patriots 34 Colts 17


Scott Poppen wanted to remind me (our resident Packers fan) and readers that he picked the Patriots and Seahawks to meet in the Super Bowl, but I’m pretty sure there was a Bears Championship Game in there too.

@ScottPoppen Prediction: Patriots 28 Colts 24

Luck can and will do it all.

Luck can and will do it all.

As a Giants fan Billy Nayden thinks the Patriots have nothing to worry about because Eli and Tom Coughlin won’t be on the other side, but feels this will be the game that we point to several years from now where we can pinpoint when Andrew Luck took that step into the all-time great QB discussion.

@bnayden Bold Prediction: Colts 35 Patriots 28


Jordan Churchill is very interested to see if Indianapolis can find ways to make big plays with TY Hilton, but believes the Patriots will have the answer with Gronk and a pounding run game.

@JLloydChurchill Prediction: Patriots 28 Colts 18


Mark Wemken loves underdogs and hates the Patriots. Enough said.

@MarkWemkenLWOS Prediction: Colts 34 Patriots 31

Can the Colts defense rise up?

Can the Colts defense rise up?

Last year during our FanRag Sports Super Bowl Writers Roundtable my “Way Too Early SB 49 Prediction” pitted the Green Bay Packers (no surprise) against the Indianapolis Colts. While I have stuck by this all season long ( it didn’t look great after Week 3) it would be remiss to not mention that I had Denver winning SB 48 in thrilling fashion thanks to Peyton Manning’s fourth TD of the game and have given up predicting actual scores straight up or against the spread for @TodaysPigskin and @FanRagSports.

If I was an actual betting man, I’d take the Patriots to cover 6.5, but I’m a football fan with deep personal ties to Indy. Go Colts! Do the Blue!

@Pat_Whitehurst Prediction: Colts 30 Patriots 24 (OT)


Stay tuned for FanRag Sports Super Bowl and offseason NFL coverage starting Monday morning!

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