Today’s Pigksin Week 3 fantasy football rankings

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When we look back on Week 2, the one thing that comes up more often than anything else will probably be injuries, which will affect the rankings.

Because of that, let’s move on. We’re on to Week 3.

Bill Belichick told me to say that.

The immediate question will be if the Patriots can score with Jacoby Brissett at quarterback against the Texans. It’s doubtful LeGarrette Blount will match last week’s totals to say the least.

But one matchup I’ll be focusing on is Titans hosting the Raiders. Oakland got gashed in New Orleans in Week 1, went back west to get gashed by Atlanta and now, travel to Tennessee to probably get gashed by Marcus Mariota.

It’s hard to envision Mariota gashing anyone at this point, but he did lead the Titans to a late win over the Lions last game. Either way, he should be set for a decent game as well as guys like DeMarco Murray and Tajae Sharpe. I mean, does anyone trust this Raiders defense right now?

Another great matchup that will have points is the Colts hosting San Diego. The Chargers are coming off an impressive win, but is anyone sold on their defense yet? Throw in a Colts secondary that positively can’t stop Philip Rivers and this could be a repeat of the Week 1 game the Colts had against the Lions. Hello, Travis Benjamin and Tyrell Williams.

These are the type of matchups to focus on. There was a lot of hype on Emmanuel Sanders last week but learn your lesson. Never trust Trevor Siemian.

But who we can trust is Rivers and Andrew Luck and… okay, maybe not Mariota, but I like him nevertheless.

As a reminder, there were a ton of injuries this week so these rankings will be ever-changing.

Today’s Pigksin Week 3 fantasy football rankings

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