This Year’s NFL Draft Lacks Superstar Power

The first round of the NFL Draft is tonight and every football fan is excited at the multitude of possible players their team might draft. This is an event that emphasizes the bright future the league has and the right pick can take your team from a bubble team to a legitimate contender. On the opposite side, a bust on a high pick can hurt your team for the future, especially if trades are involved.

Coming into this draft season, there appear to be a number of good players, but none of them are seen as game changers from the start.

When looking at the players that are projected at the top of the draft, there are questions concerning most of them. Many feel that quarterback Jameis Winston is going No. 1 overall, but there are some questions about off the field accusations and he has shown some struggles early on in games.

If the first overall pick isn’t Winston, it will be Marcus Mariota, but he isn’t a sure thing either. There are questions involving the offense he ran at Oregon and he will most likely need a year or two to get used to the NFL.

The best defensive player in the draft appears to be defensive lineman Leonard Williams, who probably should go No. 1, but it’s hard to project a defensive tackle that is so young and inexperienced.

Winston and Mariota are the top choices in this year's draft.

Winston and Mariota are the top choices in this year’s draft.

When looking at this year’s draft, there doesn’t appear to be a standout player that will take a team from a cellar dweller to a playoff team. Just because the draft does not have a superstar in it, does not mean that there isn’t one in the draft. Some of the best players in the game weren’t thought of as superstars.

Tom Brady was a sixth-round pick, Richard Sherman was taken in the fifth round and DeMarco Murray was a third-round selection. What this draft will do is open the door for some of these players to prove what they have. Nobody thought wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. was going to be the best wide receiver taken in the draft.

Not only is the draft lacking a superstar player, but a couple of the top rated picks aren’t even going to be attending. Quarterbacks Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota, as well as top wide receiver Amari Cooper, are some of the big name players that are not going to be attending the draft.

Can anyone remember a time where the first overall pick did not attend the draft?

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