The 10 NBA Players to be Excited About Next Season

NBA columnist Court Zierk names the 10 players he’s most excited about for the upcoming season

First of all, let me tell you this list was far more difficult to complete than thought it would be.

Going through the various team’s depth charts, I found myself becoming giddy with excitement over nearly half the league. It speaks to the current quality of the talent in the NBA as much as it does my general hoops geekdom.

Leaving off players like Aaron Gordon, Devin Booker, Noah Vonleh and Rudy Gobert felt like leaving my youngest child’s name off my will. It just didn’t feel right. (Disclaimer: I have not, nor have I ever, considered leaving any of my children off of my will, even if I had one).

The point being that this upcoming season is littered with intriguing storylines, from players returning from major injuries to rookies saddled with the burden of becoming the face of their new franchise. This year is going to be fun; too bad it’s still two and a half months away.

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