Terrell Owens thinks he can still play in NFL

(AP Photo/Joe Mahoney)

It’s been a hot minute since Terrell Owens was snaring passes on the football field.

But despite his last action coming all the way back during the 2010 season, the former wide receiver apparently hasn’t lost the step that most may think.

“Me not being on the field right now is a joke,” Owens said on Fox Sports Radio with Eric Dickerson, per Pro Football Talk. “I don’t care what people say. Even though I’m 43, trust me, I’m not your average 43-year-old.”

Owens will turn 44 in December, though it seems like he was just in shoulder pads and a helmet a few years ago. It should speak volumes to how difficult it is to play into your upper-30s let alone your 40s — Jerry Rice at 42 years old was the oldest receiver to play an NFL game.

“Even when I was 35, 36, 37 they said I was too old, but I was still ballin’ out with the 20-year-olds. I can go out right now and give you a 4.4 [in the 40],” Owens said.

Instead of a bell-shaped curve that slopes on both ends, Owens was seemingly consistent his entire career. He totaled 750 or more yards, four or more touchdowns and at least 12.5 yards per catch for 14 straight seasons. He unsurprisingly was a breakout receiver during his prime, reeling in 80 or more balls for at least 1,100 yards and nine or more touchdowns in five straight seasons.

The six-time Pro Bowler was 66 receiving yards shy of reaching the 16,000-yard mark for his career.

Maybe he’ll come out of retirement to reach that feat. He sure thinks he can do so.

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