Super Bowl XLIX Forum – Revis or Sherman

There can only be one No. 1: Richard Sherman or Darrelle Revis?

Today’s Pigskin Tackles Super Bowl XLIX

Football fans are awarded the opportunity and pleasure of watching two of the NFL’s best cornerbacks in action on Super Bowl Sunday.

Today’s Super Bowl Roundtable examines the impact cornerbacks Darrelle Revis and Richard Sherman will play on Sunday. Weigh in with our panel of @TodaysPigskin writers, fans, and NFL analysts.

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Today’s Super Bowl XLIX Forum Topic: Sherman or Revis? Which CB is more important to their team, which is the better player, and which would you want to build a defense around?


@StephenPSheehan: If you’re at all familiar with the Patriots’ secondary struggles during the past five-plus years, the first part of this question isn’t even a debate. Revis has completely changed the way the Patriots play defense. He’s capable of taking on a No. 1 receiver and eliminating him from the game. Richard Sherman’s a great corner in his own right, but without Revis, the Patriots defense would be just average.

The presence of Revis heightens everything New England can do.

The presence of Revis heightens everything New England can do.

While both corners have unique strengths, I still think Revis is the better player at this stage of the game. Sherman benefits from having the best safety tandem protecting him and a ferocious pass rush forcing quarterbacks to make bad decisions. He also plays just one side of the field. Revis, on the other hand, has one good safety behind him (Devin McCourty) and an average pass rush (at best) and has different assignments on a weekly basis. Ultimately, I’d build my defense around Revis if I were a man coverage team, but I’d go with Sherman if I primarily ran a zone scheme.



@Pat_Whitehurst: From a straight skills perspective, Darrelle Revis edges out Richard Sherman, but football at its highest level doesn’t always favor the most skilled. Sherman’s swagger and leadership are driving catalysts for the Seahawks defensive and team successes. Richard Sherman talks the talk and walks the walk. While NFL teams couldn’t go wrong selecting either of these shutdown corners to build around, I’d want Sherman on my team all day everyday and twice on Sundays.

Test Sherman and pay the price.

Test Sherman and pay the price.

Darrelle Revis is an absolute technician that can and will take away the opposition’s best receiver. The problem is diagnosing who that is exactly for the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX. Will we see Revis on Doug Baldwin? He’s hardly a game-changer. Jermaine Kearse caught the winning touchdown in the NFC Championship, but there’s a lot not to like about his game even in the most tantalizing matchups.

Provided he’s healthy, I think Richard Sherman makes more plays in Super Bowl XLIX. Media Day is just the beginning of the talk we’ll hear from No. 25 this week both off and on the field.


If we were talking better units, the Seahawks would win.

If we were talking better units, the Seahawks would win.



Jon Schlosser: Richard Sherman is a very good corner, and he brings an attitude that makes him what he is. I think a lot of it has to do with not being drafted high, with being told he isn’t the best. He feeds of off that. He may actually be more important to his team than Darrelle Revis, seeing as how he is a perfect fit for that scheme.

That said, Revis is the better overall corner, the guy I’d build a team around. The reason is simple: He moves around the field, so you can always count on him to take the best WR out of the game. No matter what. With any players around him.

Offensively, you can scheme Sherman out of the game because he stays on the same side, so you just throw your third-string WR over there and have him run pointless routes. Sherman also plays under two incredible safeties, so he’s allowed to take chances, knowing he has such help over the top. Revis doesn’t need that help.


Revis rewards the Patriots every game.

Revis rewards the Patriots every game.



John Terra: Revis is much more important to his team than Sherman. While they are both game changers, Seattle’s secondary is much deeper than New England’s. Last season, when New England’s top corner (Aqib Talib) was hurt, it dramatically changed their secondary and their pass defense fell apart. As for which one is a better player, I think Darelle Revis is the better of the two. He’s consistently played against better quarterbacks over his career and has a better knack of breaking up passes. If you compare their first four years, Revis has more tackles, fumble recoveries and passes defended than Sherman.

If I were to build a defense around one of these players, it’d be hard not to choose Richard Sherman. Sherman is younger and his size is something that cannot be overlooked. Revis also has had the bad luck of playing on a surgically repaired knee when he tore his ACL in 2012. While he has fully recovered, that could play a factor down the road. Overall I think Revis is the better cornerback of the two, but Sherman comes in at a close second.


@bnayden: Two words: Richard. Sherman. The man is the smartest defender in football, quite possibly the best defensive player in the entire league, and the unquestioned leader of the Seattle defense, which may be one of the best all time.

Sherman has brought a new level of play to the cornerback position, and while Revis may put receivers on an island, Sherman is like the lion lurking in the tall grass, waiting to pounce for an interception at anytime. No question I’m taking Sherman as the better player, more important player, and guy I would want to build my defense around.

Sherman makes more tackles than Revis, but that's not what a shutdown corner is assigned to do.

Sherman makes more tackles than Revis, but that’s not what a shutdown corner is assigned to do.

@ScottPoppen: Two of the best cornerbacks in football will be on display this Sunday in the Super Bowl, and I can only wonder which one is better.

Yes, Sherman is absolutely someone you never target deep down the field, but in that same breath, he only plays one side of the field. He is long and athletic making it easier for him to cover bigger receivers, but that is also why he cannot go inside and play the slot.

Revis is the more complete player in that he can cover just about everyone other than the opposing tight end. Revis is not as adept at tackling, but does have better ball skills and will not take as many risks as Sherman through the course of a game.

If I had to choose one of these elite cornerbacks for just one game it would be Revis but only by the slimmest of margins due to his ability to play both sides of the field. I do not need to worry about him making the big mistake by trying to create a big play.

We know which CB Pete would want.

We know which CB Pete would want.

Don’t be mad bro!

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