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Belichick and Carroll's contrasting styles square off in Super Bowl XLIX

Today’s Pigskin Tackles Super Bowl XLIX

Are you old school? Then perhaps you’re a Bill Belichick fan. Nobody embodies the legendary coaching styles of Vince Lombardi, George Halas, and Tom Landry more than The Hoodie. Love him (Patriots fans) or hate him (everybody else), you have to respect the results, attention to detail, and dedication that Belichick brings to the table every single day. Belichick is the Patriots Way.

If you’re a rabid gum-chewer and more of the ‘players’ coach type’ then Pete Carroll is your man. Watching the Seahawks coach sprint up and down the sidelines while high-fiving players, assistants, and ball boys makes viewers think they are seeing a high school coach, not one whose team is looking to become the first back-to-back Super Bowl Champs since Belichick’s 2003-2004 Patriots.

Carroll’s enthusiasm is infectious and his team feeds off it. Belichick’s intensity and stone-faced stoicism translate directly into the professional demeanor in which the Patriots dispose of opponents.

Both coaches can add another Super Bowl victory to their already impressive resumes on Sunday. Weigh in with @TodaysPigskin writers, followers, and fans as we break down and debate the games within the game.

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Today’s Super Bowl XLIX Forum Topic: Compare and contrast Pete Carroll and Bill Belichick. Which coaching style plays better with the media, players, and fans? Which team will be more prepared on Super Sunday?

Carroll and Belichick have their teams set to battle.

Carroll and Belichick have their teams set to battle.

Weigh in with @AlexK_47:  DeflateGate swirled the media to a blustering frenzy, Hurricane Belichick slinging out “My Cousin Vinny” lines like a standup comedian.

Accusations and chatter among the committee about possible suspensions regarding the Patriots only suits the evil scientist that is Bill Belichick, given he’ll absorb every ounce of negativity and install that into Tom Brady like a microchip.

I fully, and I mean fully expect Belichick’s game plan to consist of  chucking the rock, dinking and dunking (phenomenal use of assonance right there), and nudging Brady to throw 40+ passes.

Seattle’s head coach Pete Carroll holds the “calm, cool, and collective” trait; viewers will see the abundance of smiles coming from the Seahawks sideline.

You don’t think Carroll’s awareness of DeflateGate lies at the forefront? Hell, there’s a slight chance even he petitioned to prohibit any headlines regarding the Patriots.

Expect Carroll to counter with Marshawn Lynch, a heavy dose in fact. If the Seahawks have ‘repeating’ penciled in their agenda, they’ll refuse a shoutout.

Want points? Root for New England. Want a tight game that may be decided by a game-winning field goal? Start flapping your wings.

Today’s Pigskin featured columnist and Patriots die-hard @StepehenPSheehan offers his analysis while reiterating the New England mantra, “In Bill We Trust.”

The Belichick method produces results and rings.

The Belichick method produces results and rings.

The discussion continues with @JLloydChurchill:  Belichick is all business, and that’s no fun unless it’s producing results. But here we are yet again at the top of the NFL, with Belichick and his well-oiled Patriots at the big game. Whatever comes of “DeflateGate” and “SpyGate” is what it is, but Belichick has proven he can mold a successful winner no matter the circumstances. Long-term success is nigh impossible in the NFL, especially when you consider just how much the league has changed in the past ten years. While he certainly has Brady to thank for a lot of his success, there is little denying that Belichick has been able to adapt to the ever-changing league with the best of them.

Carroll is a different character, who brings his college exuberance to the pros. It could be argued that along with the Seattle scouting department, that the Seahawks have some additional pedigree in their college scouting, but that the Patriots adopt a more productive and consistent professional model for success.

I think fans associate with the upbeat Carroll more, but like fans, most owners and players are attracted to success, and both coaches fit that criteria. There are more similarities between the coaches’ strategies than there appears to be on the surface.

No coach in the NFL has more in-game energy than Carroll.

No coach in the NFL has more in-game energy than Carroll.

Last Word: Today’s Pigskin Featured Columnist Jon Schlosser provides his slants regarding the coach who cuts the sleeves off of his hoodies.

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