Steve Nash Officially Announces Retirement

Steve Nash officially announced his retirement on Saturday afternoon via an article in The Players’ Tribune. Here’s an excerpt, but be sure to read the whole thing:

I will likely never play basketball again. It’s bittersweet. I already miss the game deeply, but I’m also really excited to learn to do something else. This letter is for anyone who’s taken note of my career. At the heart of this letter, I’m speaking to kids everywhere who have no idea what the future holds or how to take charge of their place in it. When I think of my career, I can’t help but think of the kid with his ball, falling in love. That’s still what I identify with and did so throughout my entire story.

Nash hadn’t played since last season with the Los Angeles Lakers because of injuries that just wouldn’t go away, and now he’s finally hanging it up after an illustrious 18-year-career.

Nash was drafted by the Phoenix Suns 15th overall in the 1996 NBA Draft. He spent two seasons with the Suns before being traded to the Dallas Mavericks, where he blossomed into one of the top point guards in the league. But in 2004, he returned to the place where it began, signing a long-term deal in Phoenix.

It was there that Nash reached the peak of his powers, earning two consecutive MVP awards while running the Seven Seconds Or Less offense. The Suns had the most efficient offense in the league in Nash’s first six seasons there, making it nine straight years a Nash-led offense led the NBA in efficiency dating back to his time in Dallas. He had four 50/40/90 seasons during this stretch.

Nash was signed-and-traded to the Lakers in 2012 to be a part of a supposed super team with Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol, but things didn’t work out and that’s when his body began to betray him. Sadly, Nash never made it to the NBA Finals, but that shouldn’t diminish the exceptional career that he had. He finishes his career ranked third all-time in assists with 10,335.

Nash will be missed.



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