The Starting 5 | Steph Curry is democracy in action

NBA - March 6, 2017 - Atlanta, GA, USA - Golden State Warriors' Stephen Curry flexes his muscles after hitting a two-point shot under the basket and drawing the foul against the Atlanta Hawks during the second half of a 119-111 victory on Monday, March 6, 2017 in Atlanta, Ga (Photo by Curtis Compton/Zuma Press/Icon Sportswire)
Curtis Compton/Zuma Press/Icon Sportswire

The Starting 5: A look at some of the best NBA content around the internet

1. The great point guard debate: Steph Curry is democracy in action – Jonathan Tjarks, The Ringer

Stephen Curry is one of the unique players in NBA history. We’ve never seen a guy who can shoot as well, from deep or do it off the bounce. His ability to pull up and hit from a different time zone sets up the entire Golden State Warriors offense. And yet, his unselfishness also sets up the attitude on the most altruistic team in the league. That’s what makes him truly great.

2. Don’t try to change Jimmy Butler – Lee Jenkins, Sports Illustrated

More adjectives fit Jimmy Butler than make sense: humble, cocky, goofy, charismatic — so many opposites that work to describe him. But he’s as hardworking as they come, and an utterly unique personality. That he gave out his digits (and the story around that) at his introductory presser tells a lot about him. He drives a minivan with a “Baby on Board” bumper sticker despite of not having a baby. Jenkins’ profile here is a terrifically written must-read.

3. How Denver is stealing the Warriors’ championship blueprint – Mitch Adams, ESPN

There might be another championship core budding, but it’s not who you’re probably thinking of, Adams says. It’s the young Denver Nuggets squad, who are in a similar place to where the Golden State Warriors were four years ago — a talented young core, built through the draft and supplemented with bargain free agents. With Nikola Jokic playing the role of “superstar,” can the Nuggets be a contender in the next couple of years?

4. Juancho Hernangomez has earned a rotation spot from day one – Ryan Blackburn, Denver Stiffs

Juancho Hernangomez shot 40 percent from deep last year, and when he wasn’t draining 3s, he was cutting to the rim for layups and dunks. He also plays defense, which isn’t something you can say about everyone on the Nuggets. There’s a problem, though, in that the Nuggets have seven viable frontcourt players. Blackburn looks at why Juancho deserves a rotation and then delves into how that can happen.

5. Andrew Wiggins vs advanced statistics – Josh Clement, Canishoopus

Andrew Wiggins has a new $148 million extension, but is he worth it? If you believe in the advanced numbers, there are plenty of cautionary signs. But are the advanced stats off? Do they just not indicate Wiggins real worth? Clement explores the various possibilities, considering what might be skewing the numbers.

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