Start Yelling about the NCAA Bracket

Selection Sunday came and went which means it’s time to start yelling about your bracket.

Yell about who was snubbed and who belonged. Yell about your upset pick and your Final Four. Everyone has an opinion about the NCAA tournament, and usually few people come away happy.

Fans of Wisconsin are happy today, as not only did the Badgers win the Big Ten tournament, but they also captured the final No. 1 seed joining Kentucky, Villanova and Duke.

Who’s happy today besides Wisconsin? How about Indiana, who received a 10-seed after being considered out of the field by ESPN guesser Joe Lunardi? Indiana was rated higher overall than teams like Ohio State, Georgia and Davidson.

The happiest? UCLA fans. The angriest? Everyone else.

UCLA had what seemed like worse resume than snubbed teams such as Colorado State with a top-30 RPI and Temple, who beat Kansas earlier this season and had a better RPI than UCLA.

Here’s the general consensus on that:

Fill out your brackets, yell and scream, but enjoy March Madness. If you’re the person saying it’s not the NBA and it’s not the same quality, stop. Don’t ruin everyone else’s fun.

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