Spurs Gregg Popovich cracks smile and jokingly runs in front of camera

Ananth Pandian
Ananth Pandian

San Antonio Spurs’ head coach Gregg Popovich loves having his fun with the media. Usually, he waits until the end of the first quarter during the coach’s interview, but it is the playoffs after all, so Popovich had to step up his game.

Prior to most contests, television cameramen normally have the nice easy job of capturing some B-roll of each head coach walking into their respective locker rooms. However, on Thursday evening prior to Game 3 against the Memphis Grizzlies, Popovich ran to his locker room just because he felt like it:

This forced the cameraman to quickly backpedal with the camera in hand in order to accomplish the same goal. He may look like a grouch at times, but Popovich does have a great sense of humor.

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