Sharks fans troll Oilers on Wikipedia following Game 4 blowout

Samuel Stringer/Icon Sportswire

The San Jose Sharks laid the beat down on the Edmonton Oilers on Tuesday night, winning 7-0 in Game 4 of their opening round playoff series to even it up at two apiece.

The blowout was so fierce that it apparently prompted a Sharks fans to let the whole world know that what occurred to the Oilers was no normal loss, but an outright shark attack:

This is what makes Wikipedia a completely unreliable source for any type of essay ever. Could you imagine a poor, hapless ninth grader putting this in his presentation on sharks?

Of course, this could all go for naught if Edmonton wins two out of the next three. Oilers fans are already circling the wagons for potential Wikipedia pages to sabotage as revenge.

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