Robert Griffin III lets poetry speak for him Monday

Monday, as the media was allowed to talk to the Washington NFL team as they cleaned out their lockers, Robert Griffin III was missing.

The quarterback, who was only active for one game this season and never took a regular-season snap, chose not to speak to reporters. Instead, he left a large framed poem in his locker.

The original poem, called “Anyway”, hung in Mother Teresa’s home for children in India, although it is not known if she is the original author. This is an adapted version that is often credited to her online – the lines starting with “In the final analysis,” don’t appear in the original.

Washington will have to pay Griffin $16.2 million in 2016 unless they release him on or before March 9. Had he gotten hurt this season, that money would be guaranteed, which is why he never got into a game.

Griffin will likely finish his Washington career with a 14-21 record, but his stats were impressive. In three years, he completed 63.9 percent of his passes at 11.5 yards per completion. In his rookie season of 2012, he threw 20 touchdown passes and just five interceptions, but over the next two years, that ratio dropped to 20 touchdowns as opposed to 18 interceptions.

With Kirk Cousins leading Washington to a 9-7 record and the NFL East title, it seems clear that Griffin will get a chance to start over in a new NFL city next season.


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