Reports: Chicago Bulls Expect Fred Hoiberg to Become Next Coach

According to multiple reports, the Chicago Bulls expect Iowa State coach Fred Hoiberg to accept an offer to become their next head coach. The Bulls fired head coach Tom Thibodeau on Thursday after five years with the team.

According to the Chicago Tribune, there are two possible scenarios:

•Hoiberg will accept and be introduced as Bulls coach next week before the NBA Finals begin Thursday to allow Iowa State to begin its replacement search formally and break its recruiting stalemate.

•Hoiberg will accept the Bulls job next week but not be introduced for a few weeks for family schooling considerations.

As the head coach of the Cyclones, Hoiberg went 115-56, leading them to the Sweet 16 in 2014. Hoiberg played four of his 10 NBA seasons with the Bulls from 1999-2003, and still has connections to the team’s front office.

Today’s Fastbreak has a great breakdown of how the Bulls would look under Hoiberg.

For fans of free-flowing uptempo basketball (and really, who isn’t?), Fred Hoiberg’s offense is entertaining. There’s almost no “false action” in Hoiberg’s offense. In layman’s terms, his team gets right to the business of scoring. He runs a very efficient offense. Iowa State has ranked no lower than No. 11 (and as high as sixth) in the nation in adjusted offensive efficiency per kenpom.com. An immediate upgrade in the watchability of the Bulls on the offensive end is imminent if Hoiberg is hired.

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