Report: Tom Brady Will Be Suspended For Deflate Gate

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will be suspended by the NFL for his involvement in the Deflate gate controversy, according to the New York Daily News. The suspension will be handed down next week.

The feeling is the Wells Report supplied Goodell with enough ammunition to suspend Brady both for breaking the rules by ordering the deflation of footballs and by not cooperating with the investigation when he refused to turn over his cell phone to Wells’ investigators.

Brady is likely the highest profile player to be suspended in recent memory. Missing even one game will take him off TV for the NFL’s opening night matchup between the Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots. Jimmy Garoppolo would likely be the team’s starter until Brady returns.

Gary Myers, the aforementioned article’s author, expects Brady to end up with a two-game suspension when it is all said and done. Myers said the league may suspend him longer (possibly as many as 6-8 games) and let Brady reduce the punishment via appeal.

As far as others being punished, it is likely the league fines the team itself, but head coach Bill Belichick may escape punishment since he was not linked to the incident in the Wells Report.

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