Report: Pete Rose bet on Reds as a Player

According to documents obtained by ESPN’s Outside the Lines, Pete Rose bet on baseball as a player, including wagers on his own team–the Cincinnati Reds.

Rose maintained his innocence for 15 years that he never bet on baseball. In 2004, he admitted he bet on baseball but only as a manager. Now it’s 26 years after his ban from baseball, and it appears Rose is caught again.

The documents obtained are from a notebook that belonged to former Rose associate Michael Bertolini. The notebook was seized in 1989, but it has been under court-ordered seal and has never been released publicly. The authenticity has been verified by two individuals involved in the original raid in 1989.

The documents revealed that Rose bet on at least one MLB game on 30 different days. On at least 21 of those days, he bet on the Reds, including games that he played.

This comes at a time when Rose’s reinstatement held it’s best chance with new commissioner Rob Manfred. The argument in support of Rose has always been that what he did as a manager shouldn’t impact he accomplishments on the field. This likely ends any chance of reinstatement happening.

“This does it. This closes the door,” John Dowd said, the former federal prosecutor who led MLB’s investigation.

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