Report | Liverpool rejects lofty bid for Coutinho

David Blunsden/Actionplus/Icon Sportswire

Barcelona has been hungry to get their hands on Brazilian midfielder Philippe Coutinho, particularly following the departure of star Neymar Jr. to PSG-Paris Saint-Germain just this past week.

Unfortunately, Liverpool has been adamant that they aren’t planning on relinquishing the 25-year-old Rio native, and that sentiment seems to have been echoed stronger than ever with the Wednesday rejection of Barcelona’s largest bid yet.

Anfield HQ reported on Twitter that Barcelona made a £90.3 million bid for Coutinho late on Wednesday, but Liverpool quickly confirmed that they had immediately rejected the offer – and that, once again, they had told the Spanish side that their star wasn’t for sale.

Barcelona has been desperate to find a new talent to fill their ranks in the absence of Neymar, and they’ve got more than enough cash to spend after receiving a record amount for the fellow Brazilian international. That’s left them able to offer bids far beyond what any other club would likely be interested in lobbing to Jurgen Klopp and his club, although it doesn’t bode well for Barca that a sum this large has been turned down as well.

It seems that the immense profit a deal like this would yield for Coutinho – who arrived with his current club back in 2010 for less than £10 million – is something that a still-developing Liverpool would jump on.

The club has had a disastrous summer, though. They failed to get Naby Keita on board with a flat rejection for their £70 million bid, and attempts to acquire Virgil van Dijk have been nothing short of an embarrassing mess – mostly for Liverpool, but now for the defender and Southampton, as well. If they were to fail in their pursuits of talent to improve the program and simultaneously lose out on their biggest success story, it would mean admitting that the club’s current rebuild efforts are in a bit of a tailspin.

That being said, Barcelona is ravenous for what Coutinho can bring them, and Kylian Mbappe doesn’t seem to have the Spanish side in mind as a final destination. At some point, they may manage to flex their newly-found deep pockets just enough to cause Liverpool to cave.

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