Report: Chargers’ OT King Dunlap arrested

Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire

According to reports from WKRN out of Nashville, Chargers’ offensive tackle King Dunlap has been arrested.

The news report says that Dunlap had a protective order out against him, which he allegedly violated, leading to the arrest. The order was put in place on February 10th, by his girlfriend. The two have been a couple for over a decade and have a pair of kids.

WKRN reported the following:

“According to Dunlap’s attorney, Worrick Robinson, he was leaving Nashville for San Diego to train when his girlfriend reportedly asked if he wanted to get some clothes before he left. Neighbors saw Dunlap’s car in the driveway and thought there was ‘an issue.’”

His attorney also said the following in a statement:

“This event was a misunderstanding between the parties as to what was allowed under the order. They had been discussing a joint resolution. This was not an egregious event, but two parties trying to come to a mutual understanding. Unfortunately a literal reading of the order meant absolutely no contact, and we trust the facts will resolve all issues in a favorable way for Mr. Dunlap.”

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The petition for the protective order allegedly says that Dunlap kicked and punched a bathroom door, breaking it and ripping it apart. His girlfriend also claims he “started tossing the mattress and sheets over the deck” and that at one point he was carrying around a hammer. This is all said to have happened on February 9th, prompting her to take out the order, which was then allegedly violated on Thursday night.

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