Relatively Speaking: Stephen Curry, Former NBA Players and Leo

(Icon Sportswire)

The Relatively Speaking podcast is back for episode number four. Jared and Joseph couldn’t be more thrilled about it, either. If no reason other than the fact that it gives them yet another chance to make horrible pop-culture references.

This episode is Golden State Warriors heavy. Not only about the awesomeness that is Stephen Curry, but the entire roster. The duo discusses how there’s no easy solution to stop them. They even attempt to entertain the idea of picking up Curry from 90-feet away. Then, naturally, they no longer entertain it — because insane ideas rarely work.

Jared and Joseph also talk about all the former NBA players coming out of the woodwork to bash Golden State, modern NBA coaches, and other such nonsense. Oh, who can forget about all the ways they would stop Curry. Kid gloves were not used. Furthermore, a movie analogy is made because of course it is.

Also discussed is the Oscars, the TV show Lost, and which actors the guys would pick to recast Breaking Bad.


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