Relatively Speaking: Special guest Chris Reichert, MLB Hall of Fame and more

The Relatively Speaking Podcast is back yet again. America’s favorite still not cancelled podcast has hit peak basketball offseason. Since that is the case, special guest — and D-League expert — Chris Reichert joins the show to lend a helping offseason hand.

However, the show starts with the Olympics!

The guys discuss how they expect the United States to fair as well as what their favorite aspects are of these international games. Not at all shockingly, Jared magically turns this into a conversation about Carmelo Anthony.

Bad Tweets returns this week. The first one concerns Rio, poop in water, and the abominable circumstances the planet’s best athletes will have to endure for a few weeks. Joseph ponders a better handling of the circumstances.

The other Bad Tweet is a must-hear. Jared clearly angles for a raise from the FanRag Sports Network higher-ups, as he spends a large portion of someone else’s Bad Tweet discussing how awesome one of his bosses is. Don’t worry, Joseph already checked — Jared has cleaned the brown from his nose.

Jared and Joseph also discuss MLB’s Hall of Fame. Yes, baseball makes its first honest to goodness appearance in the show, and Joseph went all hot-fire, hot-take on Jared. Honestly, it is the most worked up either has gotten during any of the shows previously recorded.

Chris Reichert then joins the fold to discuss some D-League happenings, expansion, and some good players in the mix to make an NBA roster.

Our D-League dynamo sticks around for Absurd Questions. There’s three of them this week, and what did we learn? Well, Joseph has a thing for George Clooney, Chris is an iffy barber, and Jared got caught skipping school by — wait for it — hanging out at another school during school hours.

Follow Jared on Twitter @JMintzHoops.

Joseph can be found @JosephNardone.

Relatively Speaking: Special guest Chris Reichert, MLB Hall of Fame and more

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