Relatively Speaking Podcast: Westbrook, Celtics, media and more

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We have reached peak NBA offseason. Really, we have reached the pinnacle of the non-basketball portion of the sports summer. With Major League Baseball being pretty much the only game in town, the rumor mill has run rampant through NBA circles.

The biggest story — save for Summer League fun — from the NBA this time of the year has been the hundreds and hundreds of rumors swirling around Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook. Basically, the world wants to know, especially now that there’s a report out about it, of OKC will attempt to trade the super talented player before the season begins.

The Relatively Speaking Podcast not only suggests what the Thunder should actually do, but weigh in on what the franchise probably will.

Speaking of wild rumors, Jared and Joseph don’t ignore the happenings in and around the Boston Celtics franchise. With leaks coming out on the regular concerning Danny Ainge attempting to trade for a superstar, the guys try to add some perspective on the matter at hand. Also, how valuable are Boston’s aspects?

Bad Tweets is back in all its wonderful glory this week. It sends the Relatively Speaking Podcast on a bit of a strange voyage, however. If you are interesting in the happenings of the media world at all, and/or how Jared and Joseph got to where they currently are, this portion of the podcast is well worth your time. Maybe not for the insights provided, but at least for the stories that were told.

Absurd Questions this week: If you can pick five non-wrestlers to build a wrestling federation around, who would they be? The other: What is your favorite Pauly Shore movie? And yes, loads of Pauly Shore love gets tossed around.

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Relatively Speaking Podcast: Westbrook, Celtics, media and more

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