Relatively Speaking Podcast: Warriors’ dominance and more

Jim Cowsert/Zuma Press/Icon Sportswire

The Relatively Speaking Podcast is back with a vengeance! Or, well, back without being cancelled yet. However, that is good news for those who love mild-takes. It is also good for Jared and Joseph, who are both desperate to discuss Final Fantasy VII.

After starting the show discussing their video game console preferences, Jared and Joseph quickly tun their attention to the NBA. Mainly: The dominance of the Golden State Warriors. Both weigh in on the Warriors’ game against the Memphis Grizzlies on Wednesday. The outcome? Blowout City, USA — population 25 points or more.

A quick rundown of who will win NBA awards is also discussed. Every reward — save for one — is agreed upon. Jared does make an argument that the Most Improved Player award needs some fixing. Also, the Sixth Man of the Year selection is probably a shocker to most.

Bad Tweets is all about Georgia Tech and Josh Pastner. Joseph politely discusses how it will all inevitably fail. His evidence? The ACC’s incredible depth and Pastner’s 2013 recruiting class resulting in one of college basketball’s strangest situations.

Absurd Questions also makes a return. It gets ugly quick. Jared’s question is novel in its approach. Joseph’s is a tad less ideal. Regardless, the last seven minutes of the podcast are not for those with a weak tummy. Furthermore, it isn’t for those who prefer to not know too much inside information concerning Jared.

You can follow Jared on the meant streets of Twitter @JMintzHoops.

You can also follow Joseph on those same cold, dark, and mean streets @JosephNardone

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