Relatively Speaking Podcast: Villanova, Crying Jordan, WrestleMania, and more

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Fresh off the national title game in college basketball, the Relatively Speaking Podcast is back. This time on its new air-date of Tuesday. It is also back with a new opening theme song!

Obviously, Jared and Joseph discuss the Villanova Wildcats upsetting the North Carolina Tar Heels to win the national title. Not only was this one of the best endings to a national title game in the sport’s history, but the two argue its importance to the Big East Conference. Also, random love is dished to the AAC.

Bad Tweets is partially about the college basketball title game. At the same time, it provides Joseph with an opportunity to rant against those calling this specific season underwhelming. On the other hand, Jared uses his bad tweet to discuss the entire Nick Young and D’Angelo Russell fiasco — a situation where there are only losers.

WrestleMania is also discussed. Not in incredibly great detail, but enough to paint the picture both guys had of the show and its fallout. Also, Jared calls Steve Austin fat, as he must have a death wish.

Baseball even makes an appearance. Are the games being started too early? Why is it that Joe thinks it is neat to cut grass while passively listening to the Phillies play the Mets on the radio? All of those questions answered without anyone yelling at a cloud.

Absurd Questions starts off with great intentions: Which TV show or movie would the guys like to see be rebooted, but it gets ugly after Joe called our Jared for making fun of Marty Jannetty.

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