Relatively Speaking Podcast: US wins gold, McGregor, SummerSlam


The Relatively Speaking Podcast isn’t here to let the dog days of August get you down. In fact, Jared and Joseph rather use their infinite, wise, and forever lasting wisdom to help you become a better functioning member of the human species.

With the Rio Olympics (finally) over, the guys look back on how well the United States National Team played. Plus, with the team winning yet another gold, what does this mean moving forward? The answer isn’t all that much, but Jared and Joseph decided to wax poetic on Carmelo Anthony. Basically, let that man live.

Bad Tweets is back again this week. The first Bad Tweet has to deal with the NCAA trying to magically take credit for the USA winning the gold in the Olympics. The guys obviously decide to crush the governing body of ineptness for it. Also, the second Bad Tweet starts a larger conversation involving Conor McGregor.

After we find out that Jared is apparently a 90-year-old man who loves to yell at kids for accidentally throwing a ball on his lawn, the summer’s biggest event, SummerSlam is discussed. Joseph goes on a rant about smarky crowds being evil and hijacking shows. He doesn’t mind bashing the Internet Wrestling Community as a whole, either.

Absurd Questions finishes of this week’s show. Jared’s: If you can have any animals race in an ironic 100 meter thing, what would they be? The answers, for what it worth, run the gambit from actual animals to Sesame Street characters. Joseph’s Absurd Question: Something about mermaids, aliens, dinosaurs, and other stuff. It is complicated, so you just have to listen.

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