Relatively Speaking Podcast: All the upsets in March

Tim Spyers/Icon Sportswire

The NCAA Tournament had its first two rounds come and ago. In its wake is the madness of March we have all come to expect and love. Top seeded teams fell, Michigan State Spartans fans are sad, and the world is now officially on the Gonzaga Bulldogs bandwagon.

This is not been lost on the Relatively Speaking Podcast. Jared and Joseph discuss the action and the fallout.

The duo start the podcast by discussing some of the upsets. As importantly, the epic collapse by the Northern Iowa Panthers on Sunday against the Texas A&M Aggies.

Fan favorite segment Bad Tweets is straight fire this week. It is earlier in the show than normal, but for good reason. It has a little something to do with the NBA vs college basketball debate that started on Sunday evening. Also, caps-lock fun. To say that the guys have opinions on this would be an understatement.

Is Michigan State falling in the first round to Middle Tennessee State the biggest upset in the history of the NCAA Tournament? Well, the boys think so, but also acknowledge other monumental upsets in the storied past of the Big Dance.

Domantas Sabonis love is strong in the podcast, too. Joseph has been on the bandwagon since the opening game of the season, and he makes sure to let the listeners know that, as he predicts that “experts” will now have him jumping up mock draft boards.

Baseball sneaks its way into the show. Jared and Joseph don’t think it is unreasonable to ask a human to not bring their child to the workplace all the time. Then, well, other baseball talk happens. More or less, baseball’s unwritten rules are antiquated.

Come for the tremendously amazing Bad Tweets and ending of the show segment music, stay for the mostly mild-takes!

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