Relatively Speaking Podcast: Steph’s knee, American history, Byron Scott and more


The Relatively Speaking podcast is fresh off an exciting NBA Playoffs weekend. Unfortunately for many NBA fans, though, it is the same weekend that saw Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry go down with a horrible looking knee injury.

Jared and Joseph discuss the possibilities of the Warriors moving on in the NBA Playoffs without the league’s best player. While neither are crazy enough to think it is addition by subtraction, both refuse to write the team off simply because it might have to move forward without its best player.

Other NBA Playoffs related conversation happened, too. Cleveland looking good, San Antonio’s dominance over a weak Memphis team, and even some random love for the Los Angeles Clippers. Not to mention that Joseph remains perplexed over Boston’s ability to win games.

Bad Tweets this week is about people wanting to know what other people think about people dying. To put it more simply: Why do we need “thoughts” on the death of everyone who passes? Furthermore, why do we continue to ask other famous people for them.

Absurd Questions closes the podcast this week. After finding out who both guys would want to co-host the show with if the other died, the boys get incredibly deep into how Americans are taught history.

Yup. The show gets more morbid as it goes on.

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No animals were harmed during the recording of this here podcast. Stay woke.

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