Relatively Speaking Podcast: Ryan Lochte, preseason NFL, and bad jokes

Greg Thompson/Icon Sportswire

The Relatively Speaking Podcast is back with more vengeance than a Die Hard sequel. Slightly putting the topic of Bruce Willis to the wayside for the moment, but sticking to action stars, Ryan Lochte presented the sports world with a huge gift the last few days.

America’s best male swimmer not named Michael Phelps is back in the news for all the wrong reasons. Basically, Lochte was betting that the horrible perception people have of him would not trump that of the wretched perception people have of Rio. Who won? Well, not the swimmer and most certainly not Americans.

For some reason, it is worth noting, Jared thinks there is a large section of humans who have also lied about having guns pointed to their head. Joseph yells at him for it.

The United States’ basketball team (men) is also discussed. Not in great length, but enough to fire off some jokes and ponder how great of a player DeAndre Jordan is — kind of.

Bad Tweets: Poor Geno Smith. The New York media is after the gunslinger yet again. Both Jared and Joseph lose their marbles over the latest.

Also in today’s podcast — which, mind you, is the start of the Relatively Speaking Podcast’s two-a-week run — is a conversation about cheesy fingers, putting pizza in soup, and if a man can beat up another man, would it be better if that man getting beat up were smaller or bigger than you.

Finally, thanks.

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