Relatively Speaking Podcast: Rex Ryan, NFL picks, more Derrick Rose

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The Relatively Speaking Podcast (Friday edition) is here to help you enter the weekend with all the positive vibes. No. Really. Turn that frown upside down, and be the happy little camper you have always been.

The Buffalo Bills managed to Buffalo their way to a loss against the New York Jets on Thursday night. The guys discuss the game — not in great detail — and determine if Rex Ryan’s time as a head coach is quickly coming to an end. Also, Joseph wants to know if each teams’ running backs are toast.

NFL Sunday is almost here. You know what that means… Jared and Joseph pick you some winners! On today’s docket:

  • Dallas at Washington
  • Chiefs at Texans
  • 49ers at Panther
  • Ravens at Browns
  • Eagles at Bears

It is worth noting Joseph went 3-2 last week and Jared went 4-1. Basically, your future fortunes rest in the hands of these two guys. If you want to be rich, be happy, then marry the person of your dreams, just bet your mortgage on their picks (note: we are not responsible for your mortgage, your kids eating name-brand cereal, or owing too much money to your bookie that he gets to call you Love Sponge for the rest of your life).

That Don’t Look Good is unfortunately circling back to the Derrick Rose situation. This time there’s many, many layers. Between Rose not knowing how to define consent to Phil Jackson not caring to do a background check all the way to a site naming the accuser, only bad things are coming out of this entire situation.

Things That On Our Mind is rather eventful this week. Because of that, you should listen. We won’t tell you what is on the guys’ minds, though, as we need to tease you into listening.

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Relatively Speaking Podcast: Rex Ryan, NFL picks, more Derrick Rose

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