Relatively Speaking Podcast: NBA Playoffs edition

Jose Luis Villegas/Zuma Press/Icon Sportswire

The NBA Playoffs are in full effect and so is the Relatively Speaking Podcast! Joe and Jared returned this week and impersonated Allen Iverson stepping over Tyronn Lue by ignoring Kobe Bryant’s 60 point game, and getting straight into the excitement of the NBA’s postseason.

The biggest story of the weekend was unquestionably Stephen Curry tweaking his ankle in Golden State’s dismantling of the Houston Rockets. The guys discuss if Curry should be rested, as well as if the Rockets stand a chance at winning even a game this series.

Joe and Jared then turn their attention to the Eastern Conference, and marvel at how the Pistons gave the Cavs a hard time, despite the big three of LeBron James, Kevin Love, and Kyrie Irving combining for 81 points. They agree that this is the series they’re most excited for, as the majority of the other playoff series all had blowouts in their first games.

Up next the guys talk front office follies staring the Knicks and Kings, essentially torching Phil Jackson and…Mark Jackson, leading Joe to discover that a lot of NBA coaches should be chasing jobs in the college level instead.

This week’s absurd questions reveal that Joe almost won a lot of money this weekend at the race track, and that Jared’s a lover not a fighter. The gents also discuss the weirdest sports they’ve ever watched on TV, and share their passion for table games.

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