Relatively Speaking Podcast: NBA in full swing

Leah Klafczynski/Zuma Press/Icon Sportswire

The Relatively Speaking Podcast is very easily the best podcast named Relatively Speaking in the land. All other sports-related podcasts are just sad.

Anyway, the NBA season is currently in full-swing. Since Jared and Joseph are such experts in that realm, many things involving grown man in shorts attempting to put a ball through a cylinder is discussed.

  • The guys both believe that we should all be trusting the process as far as the Philadelphia 76ers are concerned.
  • Jared makes an argument that the San Antonio Spurs will go 82-0 (kind of).
  • Why do the New Orleans Pelicans still stink despite Anthony Davis clearly being an alien?
  • Random Bradley Beal talk!
  • The New York Knicks stink… obviously.

After even more NBA things are discussed, the Relatively Speaking Podcast moves on to its biggest — literally — money maker, with the guys’ week eight NFL picks.

The games being picked are:

  • Patriots at Bills
  • Seahawks at Saints
  • Chiefs at Colts
  • Jets at Browns
  • Cardinals at Panthers

To finish off this Friday edition of the show, fan-favorite segment Ask Me Anything returns!

  • Locked in a movie theater for life, allowed to watch only 3 TV shows. what are they and why?
  • What’s the ideal closing lineup for the Lakers?

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