Relatively Speaking Podcast: NBA free agency edition

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The NFL — media, fans, who have you — are apparently mad. Angry like the Incredible Hulk or something. Why? Because they all fail to understand comparing NBA salaries to that of NFL counterparts is less like comparing apples to oranges, and more like comparing apples to a hospital gown.

Anyway, the Relatively Speaking Podcast is back to help clean up this fiasco. First, however, the guys discuss the Kevin Durant situation. Considering this episode was recorded before the decision, the guys treated it in a more abstract sort of way.

Bad Tweets is all about #NFLTwitter, which is apparently a place of deep, uneducated hatred. Jared and Joseph question their motives, belief system, and add a conspiracy theory in the middle of it.

Is Dwight Howard to the Atlanta Hawks a good thing? What is an offer sheet? How much wood can a Delly wood in a Milwaukee Bucks uniform if he’s the backup point guard to the backup point guard? So many question, the Relatively Speaking Podcast has so many answers!

Also, the Chicago Bulls and New York Knicks are a mess. A turn of events that likely means all of #NBATwitter will suffer for it. Rajon Rondo isn’t good, Phil Jackson is not planning for the future at all, and life as we know it may very well come to an end.

Absurd Questions finishes off the show, as it always does, in an absurd fashion.

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Relatively Speaking Podcast: NBA free agency edition

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