Relatively Speaking Podcast: NBA Finals reaction, LeBron James is good

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The NBA Finals are over. LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers were able to do the previously unthinkable, as the city of Cleveland won its first professional title in over 50 years. Furthermore, the Cavs did so while beating arguably the greatest regular season team of all-time — and defending champions — the Golden State Warriors.

After dealing with Game 7 details, Joe and Jared discuss how this positively alters how everyone will go about discussing James. Specifically, now that he has a third ring, one of those taking place in Cleveland, how Bron Bron should be playing with house money for the rest of his NBA career.

As for Golden State, the guys still want to appreciate the 73-win season and all that jazz, but would also like to avoid giving the “LeBron treatment” to Steph Curry. Why? Because the LeBron Treatment to LeBron was stupid in the first place.

Bad Tweets: Don’t compare Michael Jordan and LeBron. Oh, and don’t say the Warriors lost because of things no one can measure.

Joe vs Jared this week centers on Kevin Love’s offseason situation. One of the guys believes the Cavs should shop him around. The other, not so much.

As for Absurd Questions, Jared wants to talk about best TV dads. It not at all oddly turns out that both guys think there’s a ton of them. Also, who would in in a fight: Delly, a lobster, or a unicorn?

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Relatively Speaking Podcast: NBA Finals reaction, LeBron James is good

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