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Relatively Speaking Podcast: Naismith HoF, NFL picks, more

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The Relatively Speaking Podcast is having its Friday episode on Thursday for, well, reasons. But have no fear, as the boys are ready to bring you all the hot-takes your cold heart needs to survive.

Jared and Joseph start the show by mentioning Tim Tebow, but no deep dive was required with this topic.

After that, the Naismith Hall of Fame is discussed. Shaq, Iverson, and crew are all headed in. However, that’s not the main discussion point. Joseph brings up two rather surprising names who he thinks should be inducted in those hallowed grounds — or walls… or whatever in the hell they are.

That Don’t Look Good is back this week. Joseph wants to discuss people getting outraged over something they had no context to be outraged about. In fact, it only put those people in an incredibly bad light. Listen to find out the who, what, and why.

Jared thought it would be a good idea to pick NFL games this week. So, five games were chosen, the guys discuss, and Joseph definitely picked more games correctly the Jared. If you want to make money, listen to him and not Jared.

Things On Our Mind returns for its second appearance as a new segment. Joseph wants to know if Jared is mad at him. Jared wants to discuss something far more serious.

Anyway, this is the greatest podcast in the history of mankind and you should listen to it, then share with our friends. If not that, drink lukewarm milk.

Relatively Speaking Podcast: Naismith HoF, NFL picks, more

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