Relatively Speaking Podcast: March Madness

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The Relatively Speaking Podcast — which is still not cancelled — is back at it again. Jared and Joseph dive into March Madness and the realm of unpaid laborers playing basketball for our entertainment this week.

Nearly all relevant college basketball is discussed.

The boys start by discussing how North Carolina dominated Duke over the weekend. Also, how the outcomes alters both guys’ perceptions of each team. Marcus Paige gets called a bad basketball player, too. So, enter for the segment music and stay for the hot-takes.

Jared calls Joseph out for thinking Wichita State isn’t a NCAA Tournament team. Does Joseph do enough to sway his co-host’s opinion on the topic?

Bad tweets makes its return as well. One of them focuses on Ben Simmons and how he is now the posterboy for everything what is wrong with the one-and-done rule. How do the guys feel about this?

Stony Brook and Jameel Warney — and the entire America East — get a ton of love on the podcast, too. So much so that Joseph advocates America to make the team its default favorite program in March.

The show ends with some Absurd Questions. Both, oddly, are politics related. No real hot-takes here, but well worth your time.

Oh, and Joseph goes on a very random rant concerning the TV show The Walking Dead. Good times.


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Relatively Speaking Podcast: March Madness

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