Relatively Speaking Podcast: Lots of hoops

The Relatively Speaking podcast continues to wade through the murky NBA Playoffs waters. With the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Toronto Raptors both fairing better than most expected, Jared and Joseph try to keep things in perspective.

After doing that, however, Jared magically gives Allen Crabb — who is no longer in the playoffs — a max-deal for some reason.

The guys quickly move on to fan favorite segment Joe vs Jared. This time, they “verse” each other. Basically, Joseph is cool with Steven Adams getting hit in the man-zone, while Jared wants a head on a stick. Not to eat, mind you, but to alter the trajectory and enjoyment levels of the Western Conference Finals.

Speaking of enjoyment levels, Jared is thrilled that the New York Knicks finally hired a new coach. Does that mean Phil Jackson has less power than we assumed?

Bad Tweets focuses on folks going after Ben Simmons’ work ethic because he isn’t an aggressive player on the offensive end. More or less, and it is certainly more, the guys agree that the shots a guy takes during a college basketball game has no direct correlation to his work ethic. Sorry, haters.

Absurd Questions remained absurd this week: Most embarrassing wedding moments and Bill Simmons are the topics discussed. Unfortunately for Joseph, he had far too many embarrassing stories to tell.

The show ends with Joseph misspelling his own name, because of course he does.

You can follow Jared on Twitter @JMintzHoops.

You can also follow Joseph on the mean streets of Twitter @JosephNardone.

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