Relatively Speaking Podcast: LeBron James is underrated, sad stuff

Leah Klafczynski/Zuma Press/Icon Sportswire

Welcome back to the Relatively Speaking Podcast. A place in the sports world where LeBron James is discussed as being somehow underrated. In all realms of sports, and you can ask anyone about this, the Relatively Speaking Podcast is the best thing since the slicing of bread for consumption.

Friday’s episode begins as should all podcast episodes, as Jared and Joseph discuss the awesomeness that is LeBron James.

On Thursday evening, the NBA superstar had one of the most impressive triple-doubles a member of the human species will ever see.

Due to that, the hosts discuss LeBron from a historical standpoint. Both tend to believe that he is going to go down as one of the best ever. Not to mention the fact that Jared and Joseph also believe there is a chance he is inching toward the Michael Jordan conversation.

Unfortunately for fans of fun, the show becomes a bit morbid after the LeBron talk.

  • First up is the entire Carmelo Anthony situation. If we are to be more accurate, it is about how people are making jokes at his family’s expense.
  • After that, it gets even more depressing. Jared and Joseph discuss the week’s most dominating story. Neither of the hosts know how they are meant to feel.

To finish the show, Seal helps the Relatively Speaking Podcast get back to its hilarious ways. World famous, and much beloved, AMAs returns this week.

  • What memes are you sick of?
  • Who should be playing next to Russell Westbrook?

PSA: We love you all.

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