Relatively Speaking Podcast: Knicks win projection, Joey Bosa, more


The Relatively Speaking Podcast is here on its second ever Friday edition. For good reason too, as humans need some entertainment heading into the weekend. That said, we didn’t say if it was intentionally good entertainment or not.

With it being a rather dead portion of the sports calendar, Jared assumed it would be a good idea to discuss the win-projections placed forth by certain outlets for the New York Knicks. With it being set at “35 wins,” the guys discuss if this is accurate or not.

During that same conversation, the aloofness level of Derrick Rose is discussed.

The podcast takes a strange turn after that. With a story emerging that Allen Iverson wanted to be traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves in 2006, Joseph and Jared discuss how it would have changed the landscape of the NBA forever. Also worth noting, how the Boston Celtics would have never won a title during that time because of it.

Bad Tweets is all about that Joey Bosa life this week. What side do the guys take on this drama involving the third overall pick in the NFL Draft and the San Diego Chargers? The answer to this question is not shocking, as both guys are all for players having as much power as humanly possible.

Absurd Questions is partially about reincarnation and the other half of the world’s segment most favorite podcast segment is about where Jared should have his bachelor party.

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Joseph can — and should — be found on those same mean streets at @JosephNardone.

Relatively Speaking Podcast: Knicks win projection, Joey Bosa, more

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